Why Hire Us?

There are many reasons to hire a business consultant:

  • Your business has hit a plateau and no matter what you try, you aren’t seeing results.
  • You are having a difficulties getting along with your employees and connecting to them and you can sense employee satisfaction dropping.
  • Your old marketing approach may not be working anymore and you need a new method to bring in new customers.
  • Old customers have abandoned you and you don’t retain as many customers as you once did.
  • Your leadership methods are not as effective as they once were and you need help motivating your team.
  • Your business needs to make the difficult decisions associated with restructuring and downsizing but you don’t know who/what to cut.
  • Your business is losing money and you can’t find the source or identify the problem.

Dr. Cullen Hardy founded The Hardy Group to help businesses become more successful by maximizing profits, cutting waste, improving employee relations and increasing efficiency.  With training in Clinical Psychology, Cullen Hardy knows that problems are solved by getting to the root of the issue.  This is done in a variety of ways.  Sometimes it is the smallest solution that has been right in front of your eyes that can completely turn your business around and put you on the path to record profits and greater efficiency.  Sometimes the solution is more complex.  The Hardy Group is there every step of the way as we guide you through the process to implement customized solutions that will grow your business.

We are in business to make you more money.  When you contact us, you’ll receive a free consultation where we will listen to your problem and talk about your goals.  We want to know what worked in the past, what is not working now and what strategies you have attempted.  We thoroughly evaluate your situation and offer you a proposal outlining how we will assist in solving your problem and helping your business grow.  This initial service is absolutely free so you have nothing to lose if you contact us now.

Cullen received his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame (2009), his M.S. in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University New England (2012) and his Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) from Antioch University New England in 2015.

Our experienced staff includes physicians, attorneys, MBA recipients, dentists, financial advisors, marketing experts, business development experts, management specialists and more which makes us confident that we can fully accommodate your business/coaching request.