As the CEO, you are ultimately responsible for every aspect of your business. Sure, you delegate, but when things go wrong people look to you for the answers. It can be lonely at the top and an executive coach allows for conversations that one may not be able to have with superiors, peers, employees or family.

Our executive coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development to the point of individual growth, improved performance and increased contentment. We will stimulate your self-discovery and increase your effectiveness as a leader. Differences exist in the workplace and we understand how important it is to adapt leadership styles to specific environments. Our executive coaching program will work with you towards your specific professional goals while identifying areas for improvement which will turn you into a more effective and more efficient leader.

Every company has room to grow and the same applies to bosses. Every CEO, boss, manager and leader has room for improvement. You may already know what area needs work or you just have that feeling that something is missing. We identify any problem areas, formulate solutions and work with you to implement these solutions to make you a more effective boss with the focus on increasing revenue. We’ll stay with you through the end. Unlike other consulting companies who offer you solutions and walk out the door, we are dedicated to making sure you see results.

You will receive the direction to maximize your potential by fortifying any problem areas and you’ll obtain feasible solutions that will get results. We can come to you and meet you in your environment to get a better picture of your situation. This is called shadowing. We prefer to shadow our clients because it lets us see aspects of your professional life commonly missed when contact is strictly over the phone. We do offer phone/email coaching services and have never had a dissatisfied client but if you want to maximize The Hardy Group’s full impact, shadowing is a tool we commonly use to do that.

Whether you are struggling with goal setting, achievement, leadership, customer service, selling, marketing, management problems, personnel difficulties, strategy questions or other problems, we have the knowledge and experience to put you on the right track and help you develop into an even better executive and leader. Contact us for a FREE initial consultation.