As with every holiday, Halloween provides ample opportunities to promote your business and build your brand. Halloween has become the 2nd biggest holiday event for U.S. retailers with nearly $10 billion spent every year on Halloween festivities! Don’t let this important holiday pass your business by as you prepare for the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday rush.

Here are a few tips to help attract more customers during the Halloween season:

  1. Give your whole business a Halloween theme during this time of year. You can implement fun, creative marketing campaigns that relate to Halloween and this will draw attention to your services in a fun, relevant, and humorous way. The dentist who dresses like a vampire or pest control that uses bats in their marketing material are common examples of how to use Halloween themes in your business marketing.
  2. On Twitter? Start a hashtag campaign. Not only will this boost your branding, you’ll reach more customers with a relevant, fun Halloween-themed hashtag that relates to your business. Potential customers outside of your current reach may see it, retweet it and generate buzz for your business.
  3. Share spooky images with your customers – stick with the Halloween theme and engage your customers by sharing Halloween-relevant images on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn (haunted houses, ghosts, tombstones, etc…). Studies show that Halloween-related images generated 10x more clicks than generic business images during October.
  4. Dress up! Spread your message through costumes! Who knows, the Zombie with your logo may end up on the front page of the newspaper or on the 11 o’clock news! You could even host a costume contest and share the results on social media.
  5. Try partnering up with the costume shops around your town to see if they’ll hand out your coupons in exchange for you doing the same. This is a great way to expand your reach and market to customers for free!
  6. Along these lines, partner up with local haunted houses, hay rides or corn mazes and offer tickets to customers who purchase $X amount from your store. This acts as a great incentive for current and new customers to spend more so they’ll get more bang from their buck. They were probably going to the haunted house anyway, why not get in for free by purchasing more from you!
  7. Decorate! Put out some pumpkins. They’re cheap and you can never have too many. Carve some…leave some untouched. Either way, you’ll make an impression and draw attention to your business. Even better…add a scarecrow!

These are just a few ways to use clever marketing strategies to capitalize on this profitable holiday season! Try one or try all, you never know witch strategy works best until you try.

Do you have any Halloween marketing ideas to share? Post them below. Happy Halloween!