We all know that referrals are one of the most effective ways for companies all over the world to get leads and new clients. Most businesses are aware that their customers are highly dependent on the recommendations from friends, family, colleagues and associates when it comes to purchasing a service from a provider. We also know that a customer referred comes into our business with some amount of trust established. This saves us time and money.

Although most service oriented companies understand this concept, they fail to effectively utilize their networks to gain maximum benefits out of referrals.

Start with the word-of-mouth strategy

If you are new in the industry, a great way to create awareness about your business is through word-of-mouth referrals. Even when it comes to tech companies, a few hundred campaigners who are highly dependent on your product will prove to be a great source of spreading the word about its utility and worth.

Obviously, a well-executed product or service is the first requirement to a growing business and, with great execution comes happy customers…and happy customers lead to referrals. Don’t forget the importance of customer service. Even saying “have a great day” as they walk out the door can make the difference between a word-of-mouth referral and nothing.

Offering bonuses for referrals

Satisfied customers won’t usually go out of their way to refer others to your business. People often forget about sharing an experience of a good service or great product.

A better way to utilize your satisfied customer base is to offer incentives for referrals. Whether this means you’ll give a discount, or a cash payment, don’t forget to include this in your sales pitch. This will encourage some customers to seek out people who would be a good fit for your service or product.

Updating clients about your services

As your company grows and adapts to the changing business landscape, make sure your old customers are updated on your new offerings. They’ll be inspired to come back, or refer your new services to others.

A common mistake is to think your customers will somehow know that you have added a service or product. In most cases, they won’t…unless you tell them.

Acknowledge and APPRECIATE!

SEND THANK YOU NOTES! Whether through a simple email, letter or a phone call…be sure to thank your customers for their business. This shows your gratitude and, with personalized service being harder to come by, will increase your odds of getting referral business. Along these lines, do the same for your referral sources.

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