Money never stays still. It’s always moving, and you’re either receiving it or paying it. Add inflation in there and you’ve really got a moving target! Once you realize this, you can start to set yourself up to be on the receiving end instead of the paying side. Let me explain….

Being aware of the difference between assets and liabilities is a key difference between those who use money to create wealth and those who will never have enough.

If you spend your money before you make it, then you lose money to interest payments. People get themselves into rat races when they work to pay off a debt, but then generate more debts, and have to keep working to pay off those. They can’t stop because they have to keep making next month’s payments. They’re never able to generate savings because they’re too busy paying off what they’ve spent already. Even wealthy individuals like celebrities can end up spending more than they’ve made. That’s why we sometimes see them go bankrupt.

If you hold onto the money you’ve made, you can grow it. It’s that simple.

It takes money to make money, and unfortunately the first money is the hardest to earn and save. Because of this, young adults frequently find themselves discouraged.

Don’t get discouraged. DON’T GET DISCOURAGED!!

Remember that it’s possible to generate a large enough investment account that you can receive income from it comparable to a full time job. And you can do it with less than $1M.

When I realized this, it inspired me to become a financial advisor! I want everybody to know!

In this country, only 10% of wealth is inherited. That means 90% of wealth is generated by the individual on their own! It is possible to generate financial freedom for yourself without being the next Zuckerberg if you start early. Start by understanding the difference between liabilities (losing your money before you even have it) and assets (growing your money before you use it).

This is the most important advice about money I’ve ever received or given!


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