Other Services

Business Development and Diagnosis:

  • Business development should almost always be on your mind.  If you aren’t planning for the future or preparing for any sudden changes, you’ll be unprepared and left behind when times get tough.  Regardless of your business size (owner-operator or large corporation), your business must evolve and adapt to changing tides.  Even long-standing brands like Coke and Pepsi have had to implement changes to continue their success.  The same applies with your business. We do the research to help you develop your business for the future and offer solutions that will set you up for continued success.  Building a thriving business is the first step…keeping it that way is the second.     
  • Complacency can kill any business so, while you should not be paranoid, you should be aware that the good times don’t always roll without constant attention to your business plan and your chosen industry.  Doing so will maximize your revenue for years to come!
  • Quite possibly the most valuable consulting service we offer is business diagnosis.  In a perfect world, you would know exactly where your business is falling short so you can immediately find solutions and take the necessary steps to strengthen these weak areas.  If only it were that simple.  Our business analytic process examines every aspect of your business to identify weaknesses and formulate solutions that produce positive results. Sometimes you don’t know what the problem area of your business is.  That is not a problem.  In fact, many companies misdiagnose their weaknesses and that is where we come in.  We’ll give your business a complete evaluation to identify what is preventing your business from reaching its full potential.  It could be a single element that is so crucial, simply changing it will make a world of difference…or it could be a number of issues affecting your business but rest assured that we work tirelessly to not only identify the parts of your business that are under-performing but also give you pragmatic solutions that we’ll help implement!  The Hardy Group will work with you to achieve your long-lasting goals to ensure your continued success.

Small Business Coaching:

  •  Like our Executive Coaching service, small business coaching focuses on making you a better leader and helping you with all aspects of your business. 

Targeted Restructuring:

  • One of the hardest decisions a boss has to make is whether to downsize or make cuts.  As the leader, you are responsible for making the difficult decisions.  When going forward with any downsizing strategy, due diligence must be done to assure the future health of your company.  Downsizing the wrong department or restructuring the wrong aspect of your business can actually lead to MORE waste and do more harm than good.  The Hardy Group will present you with a targeted strategy that will prepare your company for future success and eliminate any potential collateral damage.
  • One aspect of downsizing that often gets overlooked is “the aftermath.”  Your staff will be in disarray and an effective leader must take charge to assure everyone that they are valued members and we recommend rewarding those outperforming at your business.  The number of employees handing in their resignation rises after downsizing.  Cullen Hardy’s training in Clinical Psychology brings the expertise and valuable skill-set to not only recognize the importance of employee satisfaction and security but to coach you on how to ensure employee happiness and loyalty.  Employees who are afraid of losing their jobs after a restructuring plan is implemented will not perform 100%.  We integrate methods that will build company loyalty, thus securing your best and brightest for years to come.

New Business Start-Up:

  • Starting a business should be exciting! Don’t let the logistics stand in your way.  So you have decided to start a business.  Congratulations!  You have an idea, a product or service, and want to pursue your dream of business ownership…if only it were that easy.  Navigating the complicated process of business formation can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • We’ll guide you through the process so you can focus on building your business without being bogged down in the paperwork required to start a business.  45% of people who want to start their own business never get past the paperwork because it is too overwhelming.  Don’t let this be you!
  • Let us support you through the beginning stages so you can realize the dream of business ownership as soon as possible.
  • Emergency Business Solutions:
    In a pinch and need a problem solved quickly?  Contact us and we’ll get you out of that jam!

Emergency Business Solutions:

  • In a pinch and need a problem solved quickly?  Contact us and we’ll get you out of that jam!